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Watson Detective Dogs AB

”Elementary, my dear Watson.” /S. Holmes

Watson Detective Dogs offers searches for narcotics and weapons using dogs with special training. Our customers are individuals, schools and businesses. Our work is crime prevention and we want to create a safer environment, both in the workplace and for private households. We also offer customized education in both drug awareness and search technique.
We are based in Lund and we work nationwide. Today we have two dogs that are fully trained that alternate. A third dog is currently training and will be done this fall.

You are always welcome to contact us. We can customize a solution that fits you and your needs.


-15/02 2021
Watson lectures
We are now lecturing through the organization Narkotiksafri skola to support schools in the ongoing problem with drugs Link .

-1/11 2020
Watson in media
Our Instagram account in the spotlight in the union magazine "På gränsen" Link.

-27/10 2020
Watson in media
Read about us in Enterprise Magazine Link.

-16/6 2020
Medical training
These couple of days, Watson has completed a medical training in emergency trauma care TCCC-MP, together with partners Defensify and Scutus.

-8/6 2020
Here you can read about the results of hiring detection dogs.

-5/5 2020
New website!
Welcome! Our new site is up and running.

About Watson

”I am not the law, but I represent justice so far as my feeble powers go.” /S. Holmes


My name is Maria Delin and I run Watson Detective Dogs AB. I have a solid education and exeperience in searching for narcotics and weapons. My qualifications include graduating from one year long working dog trainer course in Sollefteå and canine officer training for both Swedec (Swedish EOD and Demining Centre) and for the Swedish Customs. I have also worked as a canine handler focusing on weapon/ammuniton searches and as a canine officer for the Swedish Customs conducting searches for narcotics.

You will find my CV on Linkedin


During the 14 years I worked for the Swedish Customs the number and size of the seizures have increased over time. I have seen how narcotics make their way into families lives, in our schools and in the workplace. And the result of this is human suffering and financial ruin.

I have often been asked as a canine officer if I could conduct a search for them. Unfortunately I have always had to say no beacuse I worked as a Customs Officer and had to follow the regulations. This is why I decided to start Watson Detective Dogs AB. I want to be able to help people, give them answers to their questions and create a safe environment for them at home, school or workplace.


”You see, but you do not observe.” /S. Holmes

Narcotics and/or weapon search

Single or subscription?

Narcotics are spreading more and more throughout our society and I offer a solution in fighting it. By doing so I create a safer existence and a safer work environment. I conduct my seraches with dogs that are specially trained in searcing for narcotics and weapons. My dogs are continuously trained to always be prepared for the rapid changes in our society. Therfore you will have an answer right away if there is or has been narcotics at the scene. It is just as important to acquit as it is to convict. As a safer and more long term option I offer a subscription. This means I will show up reguralry with a timespan that you decide, for example once a month with a time that fits your needs. By doing this the location becomes unattractive to conduct that type of business. You can feel totally safe that we are working discretely and with high confidentiality. Before the search a legal agreement will be signed, at this point we will also go through the setup and tactics. If you want to subscribe and want to show that the location is searched regularly I will provide signs that can be put up.


Drug awareness and search techniques

I also provide training in drug awareness and how to recognize signs of addiction. I also offer practical training and assistance in visitation technique. If you hire me you will also have the option to buy drug testing kits from Prodiagnostics as well as training material from Swedish Narcotic Police Association (SNPF).




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